Your Next Favorite Band

MusicPro Insurance (VP and Program Manager Laura Donelan - Your Next Favorite Band

May 11, 2023 Stereophilia.Studio Season 4 Episode 52
Your Next Favorite Band
MusicPro Insurance (VP and Program Manager Laura Donelan - Your Next Favorite Band
Show Notes

When a musician hits that point where they begin viewing their art as a business, there is some bureaucracy to establish: bank accounts, tax prep and insurance.  These might be anything from overwhelming to annoying, but are important and can bring immense value.

Today Phillip and David focus on the insurance part as they are joined by Laura Donelan, Vice President and Program Manager of MusicPro Insurance - an insurance agency dedicated to the unique insurance needs of musicians to protect their gear from various potential perils, like theft, accidental damage and fire.

Be sure to tune in - insurance has never been so fun and interesting!

MusicPro Insurance Website:
Laura Donelan LinkedIn

In 1999, MusicPro Agency was created as a joint venture with The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and was offered as an exclusive benefit to its members but was later expanded to all music professionals, as well as hobbyists, collectors, students and educators. Today they have close to 10,000 active policy holders.
The MusicPro program provides coverage for all types of instruments, and recording, sound and lighting equipment. 
Joining us is Vice President and Program Manager, Laura Donelan, started her insurance career in 1987 and has been with MusicPro for almost 20 years. 

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Thank you to Carver Commodore, argonaut&wasp, and Blair Crimmins for allowing us to use their music in the show open and close. It makes everything sound so much better!

Let’s catch a live show together soon!

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