Your Next Favorite Band

The Tisburys - Your Next Favorite Band

July 20, 2023 Stereophilia.Studio Season 4 Episode 64
Your Next Favorite Band
The Tisburys - Your Next Favorite Band
Show Notes

Come join Phillip and David as they spend time with Tyler Asay, frontman for The Tisburys, a wonderful Philly-based power-pop/indie-rock band who are reaching new heights with every new release.  Their latest, Exile On Main Street, is loaded with both incredible songs, but also with subtle homages to inspirations, and easter eggs to go hunt for.

We'll share their latest single "Garden" and close with "Back to California" from the pandemic-impacted Sun Goes Down LP.  And rumor has it that Tyler will be able to play something live for us!  Don't miss it!!

Formed in 2015 by singer-songwriter Tyler Asay and lead guitarist John Domenico, The Tisburys are an Indie Rock / Power Pop band from Philadelphia, PA.

The band has released three full-length albums, most recently 2022’s Exile On Main Street, along with several EPS and singles . Their music has received praise and radio play from NPR & 88.5 WXPN, and have been featured on Steven Van Zandt’s Underground Garage. They have shared the stage with national acts including the Gin Blossoms and Jenny Lewis and local Philadelphia heroes such as The War On Drugs. 

The band is gearing up for their first US tour and recording their fourth LP in 2023. 

As always, our hope is to bring you "your next favorite band". If you tuned in today because you already knew this musician - thank you very much! We hope that you enjoyed it and would consider following us and subscribing so we can bring you your #nextfavband in the future. And check out for our entire catalog of interviews!

If you have a recommendation on who you think OUR next favorite band should be, hit us up on social media (@nextfavband everywhere) or send us an email at

Thank you to Carver Commodore, argonaut&wasp, and Blair Crimmins for allowing us to use their music in the show open and close. It makes everything sound so much better!

Let’s catch a live show together soon!

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