Your Next Favorite Band

Julia Steiner of Ratboys - Your Next Favorite Band

February 14, 2024 Stereophilia.Studio Season 6 Episode 95
Your Next Favorite Band
Julia Steiner of Ratboys - Your Next Favorite Band
Show Notes

In 2023, Ratboys released their latest album The Window, and it was our fav of the year. We also got to see them perform at Johnny Brenda's in Sept last year. So when the opportunity came up for us to interview frontwoman and lead songwriter Julia Steiner we were so pumped!

We spend time to hear more about the latest album, how they met producer Chris Walla and how he inspired them to try new things, and the stories behind some of tracks (can't believe they did "Black Earth, WI" in only 2 takes!). She also shares her passion for album sequencing and how she goes about selecting the order for the tracks on the album.

We also learn more about her story finding her music path, how she met Dave Sagan in college, and how the rest of the band formed across their catalog of albums.

In addition to "Black Earth, WI", we share the official video of "It's Alive!", some video we captured at the Johnny Brenda's show of "Charles Bernstein" (a deep cut off their first album), and close the show out with my fav track off the latest album "Empty".

This is such a fun convo with one of the best out there right now - you won't want to miss it!

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Thank you to Carver Commodore, argonaut&wasp, and Blair Crimmins for allowing us to use their music in the show open and close. It makes everything sound so much better!

Let’s catch a live show together soon!

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